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About Freshktm

Freshktm is Nepal's most innovative agritech start-up, founded in 2020 AD, to meet the consumer's demand for easy access to hygienic and delicious fresh produce in Nepal. And also to enhance the pleasure to be a farmer by extending services to farmers to improve planning and productivity, stabilization of payments and finances facility using technology.

Existing traditional agricultural supply chains involve multiple intermediaries between farmers and end consumers. Small-scale farmers sell their produce at the farm gates to middlemen. Without proper logistic system and infrastructure, farm product then passes through multiple intermediaries before reaching the end customer resulting huge amount of post-harvest loss . Now a days, we all are crucial about where the products that we consume are coming from. And in what condition they are produced. Because eating is an most important part of human life for mental and physical wellbeing. 

We Freshktm, is dedicated to deliver the fresh produce that are carefully selected, tested in labs, checking the uses of pesticides, not only safety, we focus on the taste of our fresh produce when it reaches to end consumers hand. We maintain perfect temperature management using cooling infrastructure, during storage, packing, and delivery, following the global standard logistic system to handle fresh produce. We are committed in supplying our fresh produce to market only if we are insured that our produce can be eaten by ourselves and our own children. Our goal is to provide better fresh food life for more people.

If you have any comments about our services , please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to reduce the post-harvest fruits and vegetables loss and waste in Nepal. And to provide healthy and nutritious food in every kitchen of Nepalese people.

We design the agricultural produce value chain contributing to raising the income of farmers and food self -sufficiency of Nepal through local production for local consumption.


Revolutionizing Farmers and Food in Nepal through Business Approaches

  • We are dedicated to provide service that create a better food life for people.
  • We continuously support and reward good farmers as a proud of our society.
  • We will design a value chain that deliver a sustainable frameworks that links farmers and kitchen of every Nepalese.
  • Although we supply high quality product, we aim to sell our products at prices as reasonable as possible.