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Better food life for people.

Benefits for Farmers

  •  More income
  •  Technical and financial support
  •  Payment in 24 hours
  •  100% purchase guarantee

Benefits for Retailers

  •  Higher margin
  •  Time saving
  •  Door-step delivery
  •  Branding Advantages

Saving for Consumers

  •  Low price
  •  Pesticides free fresh produce
  •  Hygienic and quality assured
  •  Traceable

Welcome to Freshktm

B to B Fresh Produce Supply Chain

About Freshktm

Freshktm is Nepal's most innovative agritech start-up, founded in 2020 AD, to meet the consumer's demand for easy access to hygienic and delicious fresh produce in Nepal. And also to enhance the pleasure to be a farmer by extending services to farmers to improve planning and productivity, stabilization of payments and finances facility using technology.

Existing traditional agricultural supply chains involve multiple intermediaries between farmers and end consumers. Small-scale farmers sell their produce at the farm gates to middlemen. Without proper logistic system and infrastructure, farm product then passes through multiple intermediaries before reaching the end customer resulting huge amount of  Read More

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Our Values : FINEST

Revolutionizing Farmers and Food in Nepal through Business Approaches


Post harvest fresh produce loss is about 40% in Nepal. We design the supply chain to reduce the post-harvest fruits and vegetable loss in Nepal.


We think that the challenges in fresh produce supply chain and its productivity can be converted into opportunities by using innovative digital technology.


We aim to make an active contribution to provide nutritious food. We are dedicated to solve the nutrition problem in Nepal through our product.


With the vision of Revolutionizing farmers and food supply chain in Nepal, we aim to increase the job opportunities in the agricultural field.


We provide more than expected opportunities to our farmers for discovering and learning. Also, Enhance pleasure to be a farmer with more incomes.


We guarantee the safety of product and ensure the tracking of our product at every stage like harvest, warehousing, distribution and sales.

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our Services

Facilitate consumers with highly experienced fresh value chain management services.

Corporate Services

Freshktm offer the service to corporate house such as bank head office others, where you can buy fresh and hygienic fresh produce and other unique secondary product supplied by Freshktm.

Freshktm Outlet

Freshktm launch fresh produce outlet to promote locally grown fresh produce. We bring you the experience to shop fresh and hygienic fruits and vegetables directly from farms in your areas.

Freshktm Shop List

Our respected and valued consumers can find information about our vendors outlet where you can buy fresh and hygienic fruits and vegetables directly from farms in your areas.

Freshktm Nutrition

We provide nutritious secondary product made from fresh produce to our pre-registered customers , such as paste of different type of mixed vegetables for infant, child and elderly people.


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Our core team comprises of dynamic individuals with passion and dedication.


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