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Freshktm: A Pioneer in Low Residue Farming and Fresh Supply Chain in Nepal Nepal is a country blessed with natural beauty and agricultural diversity. However, it also faces many challenges in its food system, such as post-harvest loss and waste, food safety and quality issues, and food insecurity. These challenges affect the well-being of both the farmers and the consumers, as well as the economic and environmental sustainability of the country. Freshktm, a leading agri-tech startup, has taken up the mission to address these challenges and transform the agricultural sector in Nepal. Founded in 2020, Freshktm is Nepal's first and only end-to-end fresh supply chain, which encompasses everything from farm operations and harvesting produce to transportation, food safety, packaging, and retail. Freshktm works with more than 10,000 farmers, who produce safe and healthy food with modern technology and sell their products directly to retailers through Freshktm's platform. Freshktm also has its own outlets, where it delivers fresh and quality produce to its customers. Freshktm's vision is to design an agricultural produce value chain that contributes to raising the income of farmers and achieving food self-sufficiency in Nepal through local production for local consumption. Freshktm aims to reduce post-harvest loss and waste, and to provide nutritious and affordable food to every kitchen in Nepal.

The Rationale Behind Freshktm's Own Farming Initiative

Freshktm initiated its own farming operations as a strategic move to revolutionize Nepal's agricultural sector and address several critical challenges, including post-harvest loss, food safety, quality issues, and the overall well-being of both farmers and consumers. By starting its own farming, Freshktm aimed to implement and showcase innovative agricultural practices such as low residue farming, which ensures fresh, safe produce free of harmful residues, and the use of modern technologies like drip irrigation to optimize water use and improve crop yield and quality. This approach not only reduces the environmental impact of farming but also enhances the health benefits for consumers. Additionally, through its integrated farming model that combines crop cultivation, livestock rearing, and organic waste management, Freshktm promotes resource efficiency, soil fertility, and income diversification for farmers. By controlling the entire supply chain, from seed to shelf, Freshktm guarantees food safety, quality assurance, and traceability, thereby increasing farmer incomes, reducing waste, and ensuring that consumers have access to nutritious, high-quality produce. This holistic and innovative approach underpins Freshktm's mission to raise farmer incomes, achieve food self-sufficiency, and ensure nutritious food for every kitchen in Nepal.

How Freshktm is Revolutionizing the Agricultural Sector in Nepal?

Freshktm is not just a fresh produce supplier, but also an innovator and a catalyst for change in the agricultural sector in Nepal. Freshktm has introduced several initiatives and technologies that have improved the efficiency and impact of its operations and services. Some of these include: Low Residue Farming: Freshktm practices low residue farming, which is a process that involves the protection and growth enhancement of seedlings and plants by the application of organically derived biofertilisers and biocides. Low residue farming ensures that the produce sold is fresh, safe, and free of phytosanitary products. It is different from organic farming, which does not allow the use of any synthetic chemicals. Low residue farming combines the use of low impact crop protection products with biological control techniques and enables regular, fully controlled and residue-free harvests when the product reaches the market. Low residue farming reduces the environmental impact of farming, improves the quality and yield of crops, and enhances the health and well-being of farmers and consumers.
Drip Irrigation :
Freshktm uses drip irrigation for farming, which is a process of monitoring and evaluating the performance and impact of drip irrigation systems using various tools and methods. Drip irrigation is the slow, even application of low pressure water to soil and plants using plastic tubing placed directly at the plant’s root zone. It is a technique that can save water, improve crop yield and quality, and reduce environmental impact compared to other irrigation methods. Drip irrigation analysis helps to optimize water use and crop production, as well as to detect and prevent any problems or inefficiencies in the system.
Integrated Farming Model:
Freshktm implements an integrated farming model, where it combines crop cultivation, livestock rearing, and organic waste management into a holistic and interconnected system. Freshktm has a large farm in Rautahat district, where it grows around 25 vegetables and some cereal crops, such as wheat and maize. It also has 200 plus buffalo, which provide milk and meat, as well as manure and urine for organic fertilizers and biopesticides. Freshktm uses the remaining parts of the crops to feed the livestock, thus reducing waste and providing nutrition. FreshKTM’s integrated farming model improves resource utilization and efficiency, enhances soil fertility and quality, diversifies income sources and reduces risks, and increases resilience and adaptability.
Transparent and Direct Supply Chain:
Freshktm has innovated the traditional supply chain by implementing a system where farmers are paid instantly in cash for their produce, eliminating the dependency on middlemen and ensuring fair trade. Freshktm also uses technology to bring transparency to transactions, allowing farmers to see the real-time value of their labor and harvest. Freshktm transports the produce from the farms to its outlets in refrigerated vehicles, maintaining the temperature and freshness of the produce. FreshKTM’s transparent and direct supply chain boosts the farmers’ income and encourages them to adopt more sustainable and safe farming practices. It also ensures the quality and safety of the produce sold to the customers.
Food Safety and Quality Assurance:
Freshktm is committed to providing food safety and quality assurance to its customers. Freshktm has established its retail outlets, where it sells fresh and quality produce in a clean and hygienic environment. Freshktm also has a traceability system, where it keeps track of the food journey from seeding to harvest to market. Freshktm tests the produce for safety and quality, and labels it with the residue level and the origin. FreshKTM’s food safety and quality assurance contributes to the well-being of the customers, as well as to the trust and loyalty of the customers.

How Freshktm is Making a Positive Impact on Nepal?

Freshktm is not just a business, but also a social enterprise that aims to make a positive impact on Nepal. Freshktm has achieved remarkable results and recognition for its work and impact. Some of these include:
Reducing Post-Harvest Loss and Waste:
Freshktm has significantly reduced post-harvest loss and waste, ensuring a more efficient and sustainable food system in Nepal. According to a study by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Nepal loses about 35% of its fruits and vegetables during post-harvest handling and storage. Freshktm has reduced this figure to less than 5%, saving about 30% of the produce that would otherwise be wasted. This means that Freshktm is saving about 150,000 tons of fruits and vegetables per year, which is equivalent to feeding about 1.5 million people.
Providing Healthy and Nutritious Food:
Freshktm has successfully provided healthy and nutritious food to numerous households, positively impacting the well-being of the consumers. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Nepal faces a double burden of malnutrition, with both undernutrition and overnutrition affecting the population. Freshktm has addressed this issue by ensuring the availability of fresh and quality produce that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Freshktm has also raised the awareness of the consumers about the benefits of low residue farming and how it affects their health.
Increasing the Income of Farmers:
Freshktm has increased the income of farmers by creating a value chain that connects them directly to consumers and eliminates unnecessary intermediaries. According to the World Bank, Nepal has one of the lowest agricultural productivity and income levels in South Asia. Freshktm has improved this situation by paying the farmers instantly in cash for their produce, giving them a fair and transparent price. Freshktm has also empowered the farmers with technology and knowledge to improve their yield and quality. Freshktm has reported that the farmers working with them have increased their income by 30% to 50%.
Enhancing Food Self-Sufficiency:
Freshktm has enhanced food self-sufficiency, fostering resilience and sustainability in the Nepalese food system. According to the FAO, Nepal imports about 40% of its food requirements, making it vulnerable to external shocks and price fluctuations. Freshktm has reduced this dependency by promoting local production for local consumption, using low residue farming and integrated farming model. Freshktm has also supported the local economy by creating employment and income opportunities for rural communities.

How You Can Support FreshKTM’s Vision?

Freshktm has ambitious plans for the future, aiming to expand its reach to more regions and serve a larger population with healthy and nutritious food. Freshktm sees opportunities to optimize its value chain, leverage technology, and implement innovative solutions to drive greater efficiency and impact. Freshktm remains committed to its mission and vision, continuously striving to improve the well-being of farmers, reduce food loss and waste, and promote food self-sufficiency in Nepal.
If you want to join this movement and support FreshKTM’s vision, you can do the following:
->Visit their website to learn more about their products and services, and to place your orders online.
->Follow them on social media to stay updated on their latest news and activities, and to share your feedback and suggestions.
->Visit their outlets near you to buy fresh and quality produce, and to experience their food safety and quality assurance.
->Spread the word about Freshktm and low residue farming to your friends and family, and encourage them to buy and consume safe and healthy food.

Freshktm is a pioneer in low residue farming and fresh supply chain in Nepal, with a vision to create a positive change in the food system and the health outcomes of the nation. By supporting Freshktm, you are not only enjoying fresh and healthy food, but also contributing to a healthier and happier tomorrow for yourself and our fellow Nepalese.

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