Founded in 2020 AD by a visionary group of young entrepreneurs, Freshktm emerged from a blend of international experience and a deep-rooted commitment to Nepal's agricultural advancement. These entrepreneurs, after acquiring valuable knowledge and expertise in advanced farming techniques abroad, returned to their homeland with a mission: to revolutionize the traditional agricultural supply chain that has long dominated the local market. Recognizing the inefficiencies and losses associated with the conventional method of farm product distribution—where farmers sell to middlemen, and goods pass through several intermediaries without proper transportation or cooling—Freshktm set out to establish a more direct, efficient, and loss-minimizing approach. By integrating modern logistics and a dedicated team that works tirelessly to deliver fresh produce directly to customers' doorsteps, Freshktm ensures that quality, freshness, and value are preserved from farm to table.

At the heart of Freshktm's operation lies an unwavering commitment to safety and quality. Understanding the paramount importance of health for its customers, Freshktm adopts a rigorous approach to producing residue-free agricultural products. This involves providing farmers with expert guidance on selecting the best soil and making judicious use of fertilizers and other chemicals to enhance productivity without compromising safety. The process is complemented by a robust testing regime, where samples are randomly selected and analyzed in high-tech laboratories for any harmful chemical residues. Furthermore, Freshktm emphasizes the significance of taste alongside safety, employing a sophisticated cold chain management system to maintain the optimal quality of produce during storage, packing, and delivery, thus adhering to global standards in fresh produce logistics.

Beyond customer satisfaction, Freshktm's vision extends to enriching the lives of Nepalese farmers, empowering them with the tools and knowledge necessary for efficient, sustainable, and residue-free farming. This includes support in adopting modern technologies for farm and financial management, ensuring farmers are not only beneficiaries of a fairer supply chain but also active participants in an agricultural revolution. Freshktm's traceability system exemplifies this commitment by providing complete transparency about the food's journey from seeding to harvest, including detailed information about the origin, the farmer, and the chemical usage. This transparency fosters trust and confidence among consumers, who can enjoy the freshest produce with a clear understanding of its background. Through these efforts, Freshktm is not just transforming the agricultural landscape of Nepal but also building a community where farmers and consumers alike are part of a healthier, more sustainable, and prosperous future.

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Our Team

The founding team is diverse in terms of their educational background and work experience. They have prior experience in the field of agriculture and technology. The mixture of abroad work culture with national work pattern has helped to make operation efficeint. Prior experience with warehouse and supply chain management has significantly contributed to the company growth in short time span.

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