Freshktm was established in 2020 AD by a group of hard-working and dedicated young entrepreneurs who have returned to their homeland from abroad after gaining knowledge and experience in advanced farming.
Despite a huge leap in technological growth, we still have the same traditional method of supply of farm products from farmers to customers. Our farmers sell their products to middlemen at farm gates which then go through various intermediaries in the absence of proper transportation and cooling system before reaching the end consumer. This method will cause a huge amount of post- harvest loss. Freshktm has a dedicated team that works all through the night to ensure that the freshest produce reaches our customers’ doorstep before they are awake.
We, at Freshktm, are committed to delivering residue-free produce to our customers because safety of our customers is our highest priority. In order to achieve that goal, our team of experts assists farmers in choosing the favorable soil for increasing productivity with minimum and judicious use of fertilizers and other chemicals. We randomly select samples for testing in our high-tech laboratories for the presence of harmful chemicals. Besides safety, we also focus on the taste of our fresh produce when it reaches the hands of end consumers. In order to ensure that, we maintain cold chain using state-of-the-art cooling system during storage, packing, and delivery adhering to the global standard logistic system that handles fresh produce.
We boast our traceability system that keeps track of the food journey from its seeding to harvest time including the place of origin, details of the farmer, chemical use and its amount. Our customers can easily find every minute detail of the product they are consuming. We not only satisfy our customers but we also help our farmers cherish the pleasure of working on the farm. We assist them in efficient and residue-free farming. We also support them with the use of modern technology for the management of finances.

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Our Team

The founding team is diverse in terms of their educational background and work experience. They have prior experience in the field of agriculture and technology. The mixture of abroad work culture with national work pattern has helped to make operation efficeint. Prior experience with warehouse and supply chain management has significantly contributed to the company growth in short time span.

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Co-Founder & Director