Our mission is to reduce the post-harvest fruits and vegetables loss and waste in Nepal. And to provide healthy and nutritious food in every kitchen of Nepalese people. We design the agricultural produce value chain contributing to raising the income of farmers and food self -sufficiency of Nepal through local production for local consumption.

Safe Food

Access to sufficient amount of safe and nutritious food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health. Our primary goal is to ensure food safety by regulating the production and consumption with necessary technology.

Minimal Food Loss

One of the major challenge of the fresh produce ecosystem is to manage perishable produce. Maintaining a demand and supply equilibrium is the only solution to this. Using artificial intelligence (AI) based demand and sales forecast , we ensure a balance between production and consumption resulting in less wastage. The end to end supply chain with cold storage forms the foundation of this principle.


The main problem producers face is unavailability of market when the produce is ready. With our harvest calendar, farmers can plan for the potential demand that can be met with the produce. In-house ERP is the core of our operations which helps in balancing demand and supply. It also maintains workflow which in turn increases efficiency resulting in better financial returns for farmers and customers.


Responsible consumption with sustainable production is our mantra. Safe food production cannot be made efficient unless the farmers are sustainable. To ensure sustainability, farmers should have easy access to guaranteed market when the fresh produce is ready, this is where we come in.


It is the right of every consumer to know every minute detail about the food they are eating. We have an efficient end to end traceability system that maintains transparency of the food they are eating. With technical assistance from our JTA team, producers enter all the details including location of the farm, farmer's info, seeding date, fertiliser and insecticide used, watering, harvesting date and so on. Consumers can view the details of the produce with a simple scan of the QR code.


With the ever-growing demand for fresh produce it is necessary that the producers be well versed in using modern technology for better yield. Our team of experts provide regular support and training on how to use modern technology for efficient and sustainable production.